Brad Pitt and George Clooney’s fiancées have more in common than meets the eye – they both work with the United Nations to make the world a better place.   Pitt and Angelina Jolie attended The Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict this week in London as did Clooney’s future wife, Amal Alamuddin, though it’s unclear if they’ve crossed paths.  Alamuddin, a human rights lawyer attending on behalf of UNICEF, took notes while sitting in a different area of the auditorium during Thursday’s program, and Clooney did not attend.  Like Jolie, 39, Alamuddin, 36, works with the U.N. – the actress is a special enjoy to the U.N. Refugee Agency while the British-Lebanese attorney advises former Secretary General Kofi Annan.  Jolie gave opening remarks at the conference on Tuesday morning with British Foreign Secretary William Hague.  “It is a myth that rape is an inevitable part of conflict,” she said. “There is nothing inevitable about it. It is a weapon of war aimed at civilians. It has nothing to do with sex – everything to do with power. It is done to torture and humiliate innocent people and often very young children.”  For her part, Alamuddin signed a UNICEF petition requesting that “international leaders must seize this opportunity to defend women and to commit to protect children in war zones from rape and sexual abuse.” Source


I’ve also added some pics of Amal at a Training Seminar in January of this year.  You can see them HERE

George is in town for the family reunion and is spending some time visiting some favorite places and taking a few pics with fans.


By George Clooney and John Prendergast

Under the cover of darkness, in a world whose attention is diverted by more camera-accessible crises in Ukraine, Syria, and the Central African Republic (CAR), the Sudan government has revived and intensified its genocidal strategy in the main war zones of Sudan. No media is allowed. The few aid organizations still permitted to operate there are under strict agreement to do so quietly. And the United Nations mission in Darfur has recently been implicated in a broad institutional cover-up of both the scale of devastation, and of the Sudan government’s direct role in creating the crisis.

Sudan may be the world’s most murderous conflict. But the suffering of its people has been obscured, redacted, made silent.

A term like genocide is incendiary and fraught with baggage. Genocide is defined in international law as killing “with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group.” Regardless of what nomenclature you accept, specific ethnic groups are today being targeted in spectacularly destructive ways in three war-torn regions of Sudan: South Kordofan, Blue Nile, and once again, Darfur. We’ve often heard harrowing testimony from survivors in our travels there.

More than 2.5 million people have already perished in various conflicts in Sudan over the last two decades. It is almost unfathomable that things could get worse, yet today the scale of violence is rising to unprecedented levels, a fact demonstrated by Ben Anderson’s upcoming segment on this Friday’s episode of VICE on HBO.

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BREAKING: Universal Pictures has acquired worldwide distribution to Hail, Caesar!, Joel and Ethan Coen’s latest original screenplay. The siblings will direct George Clooney and Josh Brolin in the starring roles. The Coens will produce under their Mike Zoss Productions banner alongside Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan for Working Title Films. This will be the eighth collaboration between the Coen Brothers and Working Title.

Clooney starred for the Coens in Intolerable Cruelty, O Brother Where Art Thou? and Burn After Reading, while Brolin starred for them in No Country For Old Men andTrue Grit. The last film by the Coens, Inside Llewyn Davis, was released by CBS Films.

My colleague Anita Busch was the first toreveal the details of the Coens’ next film. Here is how she described it: it’s about a fixer in Hollywood circa 1950s who works for the studios to protect the stars of the day. Entitled Hail Caesar, the comical yarn centers on a man named Eddie Mannix who sounds a lot like the Fred Otash of his day — the famed 1950s private investigator who worked for Confidential magazine and was the muckraker of the time using wiretaps to spy on movie stars and gather dirt. Otash was a former lifeguard who became a cop, lost his job as a cop and became a private eye who wiretapped. The project is being put together now. It’s not clear if the Eddie Mannix in the script is based on the man of the same who was a MGM VP, for those of you wondering. The real Mannix was VP and general manager under Louis B. Mayer and Dore Schary. It was Mannix’s wife who actor George Reeves had the affair with. Reeves was later found with a gunshot wound to the head and it was ruled a suicide by the L.A. County coroner’s office but questions have always persisted about the death.

The Coen Brothers are represented by UTA, Clooney CAA and Brolin CAA and Wendy Kirk.

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George Clooney is joining the ranks of big-screen stars heading to the small screen.

The Oscar winner’s Smokehouse Pictures — which he runs with partner Grant Heslov — has inked a two-year overall deal with Sony Pictures Television to develop and produce comedy and drama series for all platforms, including broadcast, cable and digital, The Hollywood Reporter has learned.

The deal expands Clooney’s relationship with Sony, where Smokehouse has produced features including The Monuments Men, August: Osage County, Argo and more. The company previously had a first-look TV deal with Warner Bros. Pictures and Warner Bros. Television. Under the latter, Clooney and the company produced TNT’s Jason Lee cop drama Memphis Beat, which ran for one season on the cable network.

Heslov, meanwhile, has a long roster of TV credits as an actor. As an exec producer, his credits include Memphis BeatUnscripted and K Street.

At SPT, Clooney joins a roster of producers including Breaking Bad‘s Vince Gilligan,Shawn Ryan (The Shield), David Shore (House), Barry Josephson (Bones) and Televisa, among others.

Clooney becomes the latest big-screen star to ink TV deals. He joins Steve Carell and Jessica Biel (both of whom are based at Universal Cable Productions), among others.

Clooney is repped by CAA and Lichter Grossman.

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Here’s the latest rumors on the wedding from Page Six.

George Clooney is planning a romantic Italian wedding in Venice with fiancée Amal Alamuddin, Page Six can exclusively reveal.

The Hollywood star and prominent human rights lawyer Alamuddin are hoping to marry at a palace in the historic city in September, we are told. The couple was seen dining in the floating city in late May after touring possible wedding venues.

A source said, “George and Amal want to be married in Italy, but they need a location that offers them and their guests privacy.”

We are told that Clooney — who intends to marry Amal exactly one year after they met — decided against a wedding at his stunning Lake Como estate because it doesn’t offer enough privacy, and he is concerned the attention a wedding would attract would inconvenience the locals and neighbors.

Clooney, 53, and Alamuddin were spotted dining at Venetian restaurant Da Ivo late last month, accompanied by Clooney’s bodyguard and his girlfriend.

According to a report, they toasted with Prosecco and white wine, then the group enjoyed sautéed shellfish, smoked tuna, mussel soup, crayfish and artichoke risotto and charcoal-grilled sea bass before departing in a motorboat from a back pier close to the restaurant. The next morning, they flew out of Venice airport by helicopter.

Clooney also spent time in the city of love when he opened the 2013 Venice Film Festival with his and Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning movie “Gravity” and was spotted piloting a water taxi on the canals.

La Nuova di Venezia newspaper reported that after seeing Clooney aboard the boat, local lawyer Mario D’Elia alerted Venice police, asking them to find out whether Clooney has a nautical license or a permit to pilot the water taxi. But naturally, Clooney was able to charm himself out of trouble and no action was taken.

A spokesman for Clooney didn’t get back to us last night.

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With the DVD release of his wartime caper ‘The Monuments Men’ on Monday, a film he wrote and stars in, as well as directing his A-list pals Matt Damon, Bill Murray and John Goodman, George also reveals how it helps to bump into fellow stars as parties, and what he feels about his own legacy…

Why did you want to make this movie?

GEORGE CLOONEY: Grant [Heslov] and I make a lot of cynical films, that’s kind of what we like doing. But we thought, what if we did one that just wasn’t so mean-spirited? It would be nice to not have to live in a really rotten world all the time! [Laughs] And we thought this was a fun one to do.

The book ‘The Monuments Men’ isn’t fiction but it does seem to be a great movie premise: a group of guys ill-equipped and, frankly, too old to be soldiers band together on a mission to save some of the world’s greatest art.

GC: Yeah, we were surprised it was such a good fit for a movie. I mean, I remembered ‘The Train’ [John Frankenheimer’s 1964 WW2 film about a German soldier smuggling stolen art on a train] though that was such a specific story about this French art, but I’d seen ‘The Rape of Europa'[2006 documentary about Nazi plundering of looted art] years ago so I knew something about that. I remembered that Hitler bombed a lot of England but part of the reason he didn’t bomb Paris was because he wanted the art, that he was stealing art and hiding it in mines. I remembered that part of it. Then we started looking at it and it’s like he stole all the art. I mean, he stole millions of pieces. Big pieces and important pieces of art.

So you had the makings of a good ol’ fashioned war movie…

GC: The thing is, when you look at WW2 movies, the reason they run out of steam now is because you know all the stories. But the reason they worked so well for so long is that you had the greatest bad guy in the history of film and they had good uniforms to put on. You know, there were all the right elements. And here is a story that people don’t know. I didn’t know. And it’s sort of natural for storytelling, for movie making, because you can put together your group of men and send them off and make them all old and, you know, that’s fine. Particularly when it’s Bill Murray and John Goodman and Bob Balaban etc.

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George Clooney is seen chatting with friend, Rande Gerber, outside of restaurant Cafe Habana, which Gerber owns, in Malibu, California today.